Top 5 Best Pop Punk Bands

Are you looking for the best pop punk bands? Pop punk is like punk music but it has more of a mainstream appeal to it. The bands in pop punk tend to be more well-known. Here are some of the best pop punk bands around today.

Blink 182

One of the best all-time 90’s bands is Blink 182. They have made quite a few influential albums over the years and they are still a very mainstream band, enjoyed by many people. Some say they are the best pop punk band of all time. One of their best albums is Enema Of The State, which is also the most commercially successful of their albums. Other albums that they have released include Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, and many others.

Green Day

Possibly the best known band from this genre is Green Day. They also are among the most popular bands of all time. Some of their earlier work is more punk, but in recent years they have released more albums that have had a pop flair to them. At the end of the day, you either love Green Day or you hate them. Some of their best albums include Dookie, American idiot, and Nimrod. All in all, they have made some great music over the years.


Offspring is another influential band stemming from the 90’s. The band broke through with their album Smash and over the years they have had produced some great songs. Smash produced hits such as “Bad Habit”, “Gotta Get Away” and many others. Other albums include The Offspring and Americana (my personal favorite) among many others. Smash is probably still regarded as their best album by fans.

New Found Glory

This band comes from Florida and they have great musicality, coupled with an excellent stage presence. They have released six studio albums and written some amazing songs over the years. This band has some influences from the hard core genre as well. They have been making albums since 1997 and they are one of the better bands in the pop punk genre. Some of their albums include Nothing Gold Can Stay, and the self titled album New Found Glory.


This band has a loyal following and they have consistently produced good songs over the years. One of their best tracks is called “Timmy the Turtle”. They have fun and cynical lyrics and generally aren’t considered a serious band. You can really have fun and get out your frustrations by listening to this band. Some of their albums include Heavy Petting Zoo, Punk In Drublic, and Ribbed.

Best Pop Punk

These are some of the best pop punk bands but there are many more. Everyone has their own favorites when it comes to this type of music. Pop punk isn’t as intense as old school punk music but the genres do share a lot of similarities. As punk is a popular form of music with young people (and some of us that are getting older now), I anticipate the genre to stay around for years to come.