Singer’s Survival Steps in the Music Industry – 6 Steps to a Voice That Sells

No matter how talented or gifted a vocalist is, they will not attract any attention from record label executives or A&R reps if they don’t stick out from the rest of the crowd. In other words, you must develop your own persona, character and style as a singer.

When music industry professionals look for an artist, they look for someone new, fresh, original, unseen before and unique. They don’t want a resemblance of another artist, otherwise the music industry would bore people with the same ideas and they won’t make money.

Ever hear a song for the first time that you really like but later get sick of it after playing it a dozen times?

This is exactly how the music industry works and how it will always work. The truth is, people usually grow bored of an artist after a couple of years and enjoy listening to new artists. The point I’m trying to make is copying and being perceived as another singer may look great in front of a bunch of friends, but they will only be impressed by your similarity of another singer’s artistry.

Your image as a unique and independent artist who has a chance to be looked upon as a role model by millions of people will be shattered! The music industry is HUNGRY for singers that will give the public a unique artistic role model. This is human nature and people seek new and different types of entertainment everyday.

Exactly why do you think dozens of new songs come out every 2-3 months? People die old from entertainment quickly and the music industry knows that it will earn a lot more money if it keeps up with people’s interests and maintain diversity.

6 Important steps to Build a Sound That Will Sell

1) Training Your Voice – When you train your voice you’ll learn a lot more different vocal coordinations which will give you a chance to be a lot more unique and creative with your sound. Without developing all of your vocal coordinations, they only two coordinations you’ll have is chest voice & falsetto which will limit you a lot with how you can use your voice. Just to be clear, I’m not writing this to tell you how important is it for your voice to be talented, which will only help you if you have a unique personality. But when you do increase your vocal range and learn to coordinate your head voice (soft, light and classical-sounding voice) and mix your chest voice (speaking voice) with your head voice, you’ll be able to sound a lot more unique when singing a song. Their are many styles of a mix voice such as a perfect mix (50% head/50% chest), light mix (more head than chest) and hard mix (more chest than head) which are utilized in commercial music, Pop and R&B. Voice training will help you utilize all parts of your voice which you can switch around in songs, giving you a more unique sound. I highly recommend you get Singing Success, Singing Success Online & Singorama and use all three at the same time to train your voice.

2) Develop Your Style – You must develop your own unique version of a commercial sound. A voice dominated by a heady/classical sound will not be able to compete with someone like Mariah Carey or Celine Dion. Therefore it’s important that you’re well-acquainted with an appropriate style of singing for the genre you’re interested in.

3) Sing Like They Way You Really Can – It’s very important that your singing voice is close to your natural speaking voice and your singing voice is speech on pitch even if it may sound a bit odd in the meanwhile. Changing your voice quality to something that’s different than your natural voice will take away qualities that make your voice distinctive. In fact, your voice will get much more tired quickly if you practice this as it isn’t healthy vocal technique. Everyone’s voice is distinctive due to the difference in the multiple frequencies and that’s something you should actually be proud of. Remember, sing the way you sound naturally even if it sounds ugly. Soon your natural voice will sound a lot better and will gradually bring out a very colorful tone.

4) Have More Than One “Idol” – Everybody has influences but if your only influence is one artist, you will not be a singer with diverse traits. Get as many as influences as possible and you will develop a unique personality a lot faster. A unique character is developed by the influence of several artists; the result will be a mix of all your influences.

5) Listen to a Wide Range of Genres – Every genre is related to another and you’ll sing a lot better with in genre you like if you sing multiple styles of music. Be open-minded, don’t constrict yourself to sing only one genre because that wouldn’t be unique, would it? You will also be more musically acquainted with singing if you practice multiple genres rather than limiting yourself to one genre. Listening to a wide range of genres is very crucial because as time goes by a genre changes in its elements. Do yourself a favor and open your mind because genres take elements from other genres as years go by.

6) Work on Your Artistry for Your Whole Life – to develop your artistic traits work diligently everyday. There is a big difference between a “fake style” and having the true reflection of personality developed through years of influence. It takes time to develop into a real singer as opposed to an amateur. Many famous singers have been working for years to develop their own persona as singer and you are no different from them.

If follow the 6 Steps above and practice them daily, you’ll be in a much better chance to get a recording contract. The steps are extremely simple and easy but it’s a shame that most singers don’t follow them. Good Luck and I wish you all the best with any career goals you may have.