Sesame Street Birthday Party – 3 Ways to Use Music For Games and Entertaining

Nothing gets a toddler’s attention faster than music, particularly songs they know and love to dance around to. Plan for different ways you can incorporate music into different activities at your Sesame Street birthday party. This could actually help set the theme for you better than expensive themed party decorations.

Specific songs into games
Sesame Street has so many of its own great songs – the theme song, People In My Neighborhood, Rubber Duckie, Doin’ the Pigeon, C is for Cookie, Put Down the Duckie. (You humming something yet?) In addition, singers have come on the Street over the years to do versions of their songs tailored for the kids. Any one of these could be turned into its own game.

For example, with one of the rubber duck songs, you could have the kids duck down every time they sing the word duckie. Or have them do the pigeon dance. Or make up a dance or motions that you teach them in the course of the song itself.

With the celebrity songs, there are some great options. “A New Way to Walk” by Destiny’s Child becomes a version of Red Light, Green Light, or “Furry Happy Monsters” by REM becomes an emoting/acting game.

Sing-a-long time
There are some songs that just everyone knows, including the grown-ups. C is for Cookie, the Sesame Street theme song, Elmo’s World, the alphabet song. Cue up these guys either from a CD or DVD and have at it for a few minutes. This could even be a game and give some prizes for loudest singer, softest singer, best dance moves, etc.

You could do several sing-along times of a single song, then tie the song into the game you play afterward. Look to “I Love Trash” by Oscar (trash toss) or “Over Under Around and Through” by Grover (follow the leader) or “I’ve Got Two” by Big Bird (matching game) for some ideas. This also allows you to work your child’s favorite character into the party a little more.

Of course, the easiest way is to just set up a CD player with the music going and going just in the background behind all the other activities. This actually works great for the non-organized times – like when guests are arriving or eating. The stopping and starting of the music can serve as the signal to return to the more organized activities.

These are just a few ideas for how to use music in your Sesame Street birthday party. There are lots of other ways to get creative with your theme using music. Pop in a CD and start noodling!