Polish Music

Poland is a country steeped in rich culture ad tradition that can be seen in the various forms of art that it patronizes, and predominant among them is music. The history of Polish music dates back to the 13th century. The 16th century witnessed major innovations in the field of music, while the 17th and 18th centuries saw the evolution and the development of the baroque form of music.

The traditional folk music developed as part of the national revival wave, in the 19th century. The period saw the suppression of the folk traditions in music by the communist regime and its replacement by the state favored music, which was the amalgamation of different Polish styles. In Poland, dance music became popular due to artists such as Chopin, who spread it across Europe. These styles were called mazurka and polonaise, essential elements of Polish music.

The importance given to music in Poland can be seen in the music festivals organized regularly. The important ones among these are the Kazimierz Festival, the Mozart Festival, and the Bogatynia?s International Music Festival.

Poland has been receptive to different genres of music, such as rock, metal, and jazz, as well as electronic and new wave music. Pop music did not make much of an impact, unlike rock and hip-hop. The typical Polish music is poetry put to tune and disco polo. In addition to these, Vader, Behemoth, Yattering, Graveland, and Dissenter have contributed to the realm of music.

The Polish people are tolerant and very accommodating. They have allowed even their music to be influenced by foreign contributions. The synchronizing of the various arts has led to a unique combination of melody and soul. The music is like no other and soothing to listen to. Poland is a treasure-chest of art and culture.