Pixie Lott Uses New Car Model in Her New Music Pop Video!

For pop music lovers everywhere, you are in for a real treat. We all know about the celebrity endorsements from Volvos interaction with the teen based Twilight Saga and even the fashion worlds’ involvements with and on the new Mini Countryman and more and more car manufacturers are jumping on the music- marketing- bandwagon.

Pop sensation and English singer/ song writer, Pixie Lott tunes into the new Citroen DS3 as part of her video promoting her newest single ‘Broken Arrow’. Citroen’s DS3 appears in the music video in a roll of romantic scenes, both past and present. The single (out now) is a brand new track from the re-released version of Pixie Lott’s multi-platinum 2009 debut album, Turn it Up which pushed Pixie into a global Pop sensation who has sold over 600,000 copies in the UK alone.

Citroen’s Communications director has stated that Pixie Lott is one of the most talented and successful performers of our time and that the car manufacturers are thrilled that the DS3 was chosen to appear in her new video. He also commented that the vehicle was ‘happening’ and ‘upcoming’, just like the artist.

The 19 year old singer/ song writer from London has won many awards for her contribution to music and rose to fame with her debut single ‘Mama Do’. The single hit number one in the UK charts and she went on to produce another 5 top 20 singles. Pixie has recently also appeared as a guest judge on X Factor, sitting with the cream of the music business Simon Cowell.

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