Hurricanes and Music Pop Charts

Are you a songwriter and find a tough time writing new songs? It is not easy to write a good one and it is hard to get in the right emotional and creative state in order to make a good song. In addition if you do not put the right melody with the right lyrics it will not work, it will not sell and no one will like it and good luck trying to get a local radio station to play it without you paying them.

I submit to you that when people fall on hard times or are involved in adversity in life that they can draw on the raw emotions of that time to get into a creative state to help them write great songs. Adversity builds character and adversity spurs on creativity.

It is almost as if necessity is the Mother of invention and extreme hardship is the Father of creativity. Can you use the destruction and devastation of an Atlantic tropical hurricane season to help you write a song, which will help people get through life?

Such a song is needed and if you are a good songwriter and you can get in the proper mood you will be able to write that perfect song. Perhaps during the next mandatory evacuation of the next large category or catastrophic hurricane you can tap into that raw emotion.

Perhaps if you fail to evacuate and you stock up and then go without tap water and power for four to six weeks while authorities try to repair the damage, that you can use this time to write a perfect song about hurricanes and adversity. Consider this in 2006.