Different Types of Music

Here we have compiled for you a comprehensive list of music genres. The types of music have been explained as below.


Blues is further divided into different types. These are delta, piedmont, jump blues and Chicago blues.

Classical Music

The different types of classical music are symphony, opera, choral, chamber music, Gregorian Chant and Madrigals.

Country Music

Country music is a type of music that was developed by the Southern American Folk and Western cowboy music in the rural regions of the Southern United States in 1920. The ballads and dance tunes with harmonies and simple form is played with the help of banjoes, electric guitars and acoustic.

Electronic music

This term called the electronic music suggests that the quality and character of the music is very synthetic. Also the music is created and manipulated by the electronic instead of performance by an acoustic instrument. This type of music had begun in 1942 and is continuing even at this point of time.


The Jazz music was born by using a mix of African sound traditions as well as the European traditions at the beginning of the 20th century. The African undertones are quite evident in the mixture of blue notes, improvisation, polyrhythms and also the swing note.

The Latin music

The Latin music naturally has its origination from the Latin world and this is mainly Latin America. The cultural background, language of the artist, sound style and Geography are the most main elements that can help in defining Latin sound. Also these four elements fuse in different ways and this is usually with a combination of two and more main elements.

Pop Music

Pop music is often confused with popular music. However pop music simply describes the sound that evolved from the rock and roll revolution of 1950s. It also continues in a very definite route today and popular music refers to sound that is associated with the interests and tastes of the urban middle class during the 1800s period.

The metal music

The metal sound is a very characteristic and powerful type of music that includes bass drums and very aggressive electric guitars. It was also developed in the UK in 1960s and the early 1970s in the US. The words are very usually about controversial and provocative themes. The metal sound fans are also referred to as head bangers and metal heads. It is one of the important things to remember.